What is Zoobooks Magazine?

All kids love animals, Zoobooks is irresistible!

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Zoobooks magazines are designed to strengthen reading, math, critical thinking, and creative skills. Kids love Zoobooks magazines because they’re FUN

Each Zoobooks magazine has a 4-page pullout activity section:

  • Beautfiul color pictures and illustrations
  • Education articles and Insightful diagrams
  • Fun games and learning activities
  • No Advertising to get in the way!


Zoobooks Magazine is the kid-friendly animal magazine for children ages 5 to 12. From elementary to middle school and beyond, Zoobooks will teach your children to appreciate animal nature, something most children are already interested in. With Zoobooks Magazine, they can learn everything they ever wanted to know about different animals–from zoo animals to wild animals, insects, birds, reptiles, mammals, and more.

There’s just something about animals that makes a child’s eyes light up. Zoobooks Magazine are so much fun, so easy to pick up and get into, that you’ll find your child reading them without any prompting from you.

Invest in Your Child’s Future

With Zoobooks magazine, parents can feel the excitement of watching their children improve their reading skills. Zoobooks magazines are excellent learning tools to be packed away and passed down to future brothers or sisters. They’re the perfect investment in your child’s future!

Valuable Resource for Homework Assignments

Don’t make homework a chore for your kids. Each Zoobooks magazine contains a wealth of valuable animal information from which your child may benefit. They’re an excellent resource for many science-related school assignment. Zoobooks are filled with expert findings, educational illustrations, and beautiful wildlife photography

Renew your child’s love of reading

Zoobooks magazines are designed to enhance your kid’s learning ability through highly visual words, pictures, and interactive activities. Parents and teachers trust Zoobooks Magazine to educate your children, while strengthening their vocabulary and reading habits. Kids think Zoobooks are cool!



February 27, 2008 at 7:51 pm